Best of @NewYorkFestival: Broken Dreams for Saudia milk

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It is said that the beauty of TV commercials lies in the fact that they tell a story in just 30 seconds. It is a challenge to tell such a story effectively and with a business purpose to boot. Print ads too tell a story, but without the aid of audio-visual impact. I feel it is doubly challenging to convey a story in a print ad because of the static medium and all that the creative mind has in its disposal are words and images – no heartrending music or the gooseflesh of emotion conveyed through acting.

In that context, I loved this campaign for Saudia milk – a winner in the print category at the New York Festivals.



Agency: Impact BBDO

While I am not sure if these were made for awards (ahem) or helped the brand solve a real business issue one has to salute the creative idea – it conveys so much within the constraints of the medium.

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  1. This kind of adds reaches to all over the world in couple of days.Its really attractivly…

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