Coke Open Happiness: another one bites the dost

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The tag line is great. With two pithy words – Open Happiness – Coke managed to convey a lot – it is inviting, inclusive and a call to action. With the international advertising, it’s been a case of the tag line building great expectations, but the creative falling a tad short – at least for me. Among the recent international ads with this theme, I liked Crave and not all those animated cutesy ones.

In India, opening the batting for this theme, punnily enough, is Gautam Gambhir.

I liked the TVC as far as the central thought is concerned. The insight is real and powerful – in today’s supposedly connected world, we are in a way disconnected from each other. Getting people to come and watch a cricket match on the telly, as they used to in the good old days (hmmm, about 3 years ago?) is the central plot. The execution is intriguing and keeps you hooked till the end. But for me, the overall effect isn’t gooseflesh stuff. Was it Gautam Gambhir’s wooden acting? Can’t blame the poor fellow though. In that respect, this was similar to the international ads on this theme – good but not great. There…I finally squeezed a convoluted link to this post’s punny headline.

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