Smoking Apples: desi fans and smoking!

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Today, is the big day for Apple fans – His Stevenness is supposed to make announcements about new iPods (and maybe new Macbooks – though that’s unlikely considering that the event invite said ‘Let’s Rock’) at a special event in San Francisco. So like with all Apple events, here I am (and I am sure there are scores of others around the world) following the event through live blogs. Except that this time I am so thrilled to follow the event in a desi Apple blog – Smoking Apples.

Unlike Gizmodo, Engadget and other sites who have live blogging, the guys at Smoking Apples have administered a live chat window (through Cover it Live) which has many users posting messages simultaneously.


As I write, there is still about 20 minutes for the event to kick off and the excitement in the air is palpable. For Apple fans who always felt ‘alone’ and left out in India, the community feeling is kinda back with the likes of Smoking Apple. More power to them!

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