Marmite: iconic brand, bold client and an occasional use product

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Products which are used only for specific reasons or occasions, naturally run the risk of low usage. Antiseptic creams, adhesive bandages…even honey, come mind. Think of brands like Burnol, BandAid, Dettol or any brand of honey – a lot of households have them around but such brands come out of the cupboard only on specific occasions: a bruise, illness and so on. In England, Marmite is a brand with occasional usage problem; over 1 in 10 Brits admit they haven’t opened their jar in over three months. The brand has a polarizing reaction too – you either hate it or love it.

A new campaign for Marmite tackles the issue of occasional usage head on. The proposition is simple and direct – love it or hate it, don’t forget it.




Agency: adam&eveDDB

It takes a bold, confident team to run this campaign where the brand name & packaging is not even visible fully. Of course it is helped by the fact that it is an iconic brand and UK consumers would instantly recognize the brand advertised. What’s more since it reflects the likely usage of the brand by the consumer, there is likely to be instant connect. Hopefully, remedial action would be taken.

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