Heineken attempts to understand senior citizens: 60+ challenge

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In many parts of the world populations are aging. Heineken wants to create products better tailored to the specific needs of the 60+ age-group. Through Ideas Brewery, they are asking creative people from around the globe to share their observations and insights on the lives and preferences of this golden generation. Participants are invited to film, photograph or write their observations on the lifestyles and preferences of the 60 -70 age group. There is obviously a business angle to this: what do they love to eat and drink? When and where do they socialize? How is this different to 20 years ago? And the big question: What could this mean for beer?

Donald Petrie, the  director of ‘Grumpy Old Men,’ has a brief.  In addition Donald will be part of the official jury to select the most inspiring entries.


Interesting departure from the obsessive focus of brands on the youth segment. Every brand wants to be youthful, appear cool and speak their language. But as many pundits point out, the baby boomers (the most valuable generation in the history of marketing, according to Nielsen) have a huge share of the spending power. It will be interesting to see the outcome of this effort.

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