Dove ‘I’m Fine’, Land Rover and more: 6 top creative ads of the week

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The first job of advertising is to get noticed. If not noticed, everything else (engagement, sharing, ‘conversation’ etc.,) is academic. Here are a few creative ads which I noticed over the last week or so.

1. Dove: I’m Fine

Ever since they launched the ‘Real Beauty’ campaign, I have been amazed at the various dimensions that big idea can highlight. In the latest spot, the need to have a positive body image among teens and pre-teens is brought alive in a compelling way. Parents with teenage daughters can empathise with the behaviour of kids who tend to bottle up their emotions and put on a mask. 

Agency: Ogilvy

2. Land Rover: The Land of Land Rovers

On a Google search for ‘Land of the Land Rovers’ this web page shows up with an April 2018 time stamp. But the film associated with 70 years of Land Rover is making the rounds of ad blogs this month. 

This fascinating and compelling story unfolded in 1958 in Maneybhanjang, West Bengal. Defined by tough terrain and spectacular landscape, life was tough in the then sparsely populated place along the Indo-Nepal border. But the people were tougher, determined to succeed against the odds, relying on ponies to move themselves and supplies across distances near and far. Until the first of the Series 1 Land Rovers arrived in 1958.

Agency: Spark44

3. BT Sport: take them all on

Last week, I shared a TV spot where a little girl was cast as the main protagonist to announce a new season on BT Sport. The idea of several sports genres coming together is very well captured in print too. 

Agency: AMV BBDO

4. Volkswagen van: Spanish lesson

A masterclass in showing the benefit of a feature through an engaging story. Let me not give out the reveal – watch it yourself. 

5. Squarespce: Oddballs

This reminded me of the work done by brands like GoDaddy where they showcase how small businesses can grow thanks to a web presence through a domain registration. But this was streets ahead in terms of succinctly conveying the benefit. 

6. Batchelor’s Super Noodles

Back in 1998, this must have been shared with me by the agency Films Department through a CD or maybe a VHS. Laugh out loud stuff. 

Agency: Mother, London

Which one was your favourite? Do comment in. 

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