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If you are a regular at Ads of the World, you may have come across a piece of Ambient work for a soft drink brand called ‘Anything Whatever’. I found it interesting and did some subsequent digging about the brand.

Anything Whatever is actually two soft drinks, made in Singapore. Aside from the cute & memorable name there are many things going for the brand that make it different from the staleness of soft drink advertising.


According to Wikipedia, the two drinks have a generic packaging design, with no way of telling what flavour is contained in the can. This prevents the consumers from being aware of the flavour of the purchased beverage until they drink it. The brand name and the concept allowed for generating great curiosity. Last year, they ran a teaser campaign, with lines like ‘Anything can happen on May 18’, ‘Get ready for whatever on May 18’. This was followed by a launch campaign which was also a pun on the words: a sultry woman saying, ‘I can easily be satisfied by anything’. The outdoor creatives are here.

The TVC was a straightforward leap from the names too:

Anything is carbonated and is made in six flavours; Whatever is non-carbonated and is made in six flavours as iced tea. The fact that you are never sure which flavour is contained in the can, was dramatized in this dispensing unit.


I am not aware of the sales performance of the brand, but they deserve kudos for thinking different and generating curiosity in such a competitive category.

Most of us rarely get a chance to work on a brand from scratch. Some learnings from this: creating brand name that conveys the brand idea in a telegraphic manner is an advantage. I have heard responses like ‘it just a name. We may change the positioning later, why restrict the brand name?’ when creating brand names.

As always, comments welcome.

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  1. wow. really cool.
    sometimes I wonder if keeping away from advertising all together would help our thinking.
    We get bombarded with so many ads, making it tougher (and vital) to think different.

    Loved the post 🙂

  2. What an Idea Sirji..Like u said kudos to them for thinking so differently in such a saturated category.. :)Joined Lowe Mumbai by the way.. finally back to work 🙂

  3. really cool thing… loved the line, i can be satisfied with anything. i can only imagine the number of guys running for buying anything.

  4. Hey thanks a ton.. Not on Levers.. was on Levers while i was at JWT- my ex – company.. I think have had enough of it for now.. So non – Levers it is.. 🙂

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