Seen and Noted: ADESF

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Ads portraying the evil of smoking have two target audience: the smoker and the awards jury. We all must have seen truck loads of ads urging people to quit smoking – but very few stick (pardon the pun) in our heads. Fewer still move the smoker to change his habit. Among the serious efforts, I would rank this.

ADESF, a Brazilian association committed to conveying the effects of smoking was a Gold Winner in the press category last year, at the Cannes.

Here is there latest work – a great piece of Art.


Agency: NeogamaBBH, Brazil

Both the 2007 work and this one strike a chord in a smoker (I would imagine). While the earlier one made you feel disgusted about the habit, this one is chilling in its effect. All the 3 ads are here.  Again, what is a ‘stand out’ compared to most Indian work is the quality of execution.


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