Fastrack’s new TVCs: quite a handful

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Interesting move by Fastrack– they are previewing their new TVC (before it goes on air) through their Twitter feed. It’s actually two ads – since there are two versions – one each from a guy and a gal’s point of view. Here’s the guy version:

As they would say down South, the ad is ‘bold’ and would definitely strike a chord among men. And the gal’s version would appeal not just to the fairer sex, as it would evoke a smile in all:

The ‘move on’ theme has moved on from the relatively tame returning gifts and getting on with life TVC. In most of the earlier efforts of Fastrack (crying biker, glowing watches in a disco) my perception is the the product was central to the story. In the new one’s it is limited to just focusing on the hands. Which is an interesting device and makes the commercial look different. I also liked the idea of using two points of view – sort of like in One Night at McCool’s. What’s the verdict from the most targeted set of consumers in the country – the youth?

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