Tata Indicom: we hear ya

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I must admit that I was skeptical about the ‘Suno dil ki aawaz’ platform of Tata Indicom, based on the launch film. Even when it moved to the celebrity platform featuring Lalit Modi, I wasn’t too convinced. But with the new spot featuring the Pathan brothers things seem to be falling into place.

For one, the selection of the protagonists was spot on. The execution – life like, without any chest thumping bravado, makes the commercial endearing (quite like the new ICL films, is it not?). Vodafone India and and Airtel seem to follow a similar strategy: one big theme commercial in a year, followed by several feature based ads. With Vodafone it is ‘Make the most of now’ (though they did not invest hugely behind the international TVC), followed by ads on their network & VAS. Similarly with Airtel, the ‘Express yourself’ theme followed by ads on VAS. IDEA is focused on differentiated products backing up their brand promise of ‘An idea can change your life’. Will ‘Suno dil ki aawaz’ stack up to such serious competition?

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  1. I agree. When i first saw their new line of thought i found it quite flaky.
    I wasn’t sure how that tied in with what TATA Indicom was about. I’m only slightly more convinced after this new ad. And yes, it does look a whole lot better. yet I’m not sure how they’re tying in the values of TATA or TATA Indicom with ‘suno dil ki awaz’.

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