The changing face of promo ads

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There was a time when the creation of promo films was almost robotic: shout out the offer atleast 5 times in a 15-sec ad, resort to computer graphics and avoid telling a story. The client was also used to backing it with huge amount of GRPs. Not anymore. I guess all promo films began to look the same. Brands like Tide have attempted to treat promo films (price off, new lower price, new pack) differently and the trend continues with Clinic Plus. A new ad announces the launch of a 4-sachet family pack. The creative idea: your family is incomplete without four members. The stretch: mothers go to great lengths to ensure that their family head count is four. The ad will get the laughs and gets home the point. Though one has to be careful with such an approach – there is a thin line separating it from the incredulous or bizarre. Interesting to see the results of such promo ads. Will Brand Managers have faith in such an approach or will they revert to the safe, tried and tested ‘shout-out-loud’ variety?

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