Nike Let The Run Tell You Why: Grandpa Sun – adrenaline rush of another kind

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Many of Nike ads which have gone on to become popular over the years or gone viral of late have one thing in common: fast paced action that give the viewer an adrenaline rush. The common ingredients include pulse-racing music, super fast cuts, montage of great visuals and action that ends in a crescendo. Here is another kind of adrenaline rush that I really liked. A new campaign for Nike in China sticks to the core ‘Just Do It’ messaging, but has a refreshing new take.

Let The Run Tell You Why is a campaign that speaks directly to the booming running population in Greater China. Why do people run? The content of the campaign will make you so curious and inspired that you’d want to find out for yourself. The outdoor billboards and posters provoke questions, the TVC makes you wonder why different people love running, and the short films give you a glimpse into the lives of runners. Meanwhile through online hashtags and Shanghai Marathon event, runners can give their own answers to the question.

What I liked about the ad was the subtle defiance that comes through, not to mention the surprise till the very end.

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Shanghai

I am guessing the outdoor simply asks ‘Why do people run?’ and looks striking too.



Loved the whole campaign.

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