Mosquito repellant ads with bite

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Sometimes, us agency types get caught up in following the category codes that we end up creating cliched stuff. Refreshing to see work that totally breaks away from that mode.


I loved the expression on the ’employee mosquito’ and the way he hides the can. Brings out the idea of ‘sure to eliminate mosquitoes’ with simple humour. After all, if mosquitoes don’t know how to get rid of other mosquitoes, who will?

Via Ads of the World

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  1. Mind-blowing! Sometimes we just can’t see beyond what is shown to us. This is one of the reasons why I love Apple (yeah, it all comes back to Apple doesn’t it?). I mean, when the world was complaining about the one button Apple trackpad, they showed us all how they can do it without the damn button!

  2. Superb! Kudos to the creative team… this is really out of the box thinking.

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