SwissLife is back with another brilliant ‘twists & turns’ campaign

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A copy-oriented campaign for a financial services brand, SwissLife won the Epica d’Or at the Epica Awards, 2011. A new campaign for the same brand follows the same format with even more clever lines – aligned with the brand proposition: For all life’s twists and turns: Flexible financial plans.

swiss-life-life-insurance-lifes-turns-in-a-sentence-2-1-of-6-we-need-leo-burnett-schweiz-ag-zurich swiss-life-life-insurance-lifes-turns-in-a-sentence-2-2-of-6-most-important-thing-leo-burnett-schweiz-ag-zurich swiss-life-life-insurance-lifes-turns-in-a-sentence-2-3-of-6-single-leo-burnett-schweiz-ag-zurich swiss-life-life-insurance-lifes-turns-in-a-sentence-2-4-of-6-the-baby-leo-burnett-schweiz-ag-zurich swiss-life-life-insurance-lifes-turns-in-a-sentence-2-5-of-6-once-leo-burnett-schweiz-ag-zurich swiss-life-life-insurance-lifes-turns-in-a-sentence-2-6-of-6-the-end-leo-burnett-schweiz-ag-zurich

Agency: Spillmann/Felser/Leo Burnett, Zurich

Loved the differentiated copy oriented approach (in this visual-led advertising world) and the clever attention grabbing word play in the headlines.

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