OMEGA Co-Axial Chronometer: luxury marketing and drool factor

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Recently, OMEGA Watches launched a global campaign for their Co-Axial Chronometer. As with most luxury brands – be it in watches, jewellery or fine fragrances, the entire effort is about creating a mystique around the brand. The viewer is left with an irrational desire for the brand. The execution, almost always relies on creating a surreal world of perfection. The campaign for the Omega Co-Axial Chronometer takes it to another level by creating a visual look rarely seen in the premium watches category.

Agency: HMNS
Directors: Franco Tassi & Andrea Gasparo

It is fascinating to see brands create a perceptual differentiation and command a premium in a category like watches. All watches can tell time, but certain brands go beyond that and become a personal accessory, a piece of jewellery. Wearing a certain brand can even boost one’s confidence by making one feel good. The marketing inputs like these create and fuel the desire to acquire a particular brand. Kudos to Omega to have done this without the help of a celebrity (which is a common, easy way out) for one of their variants.


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