TOI bleeds blue for Volkswagen

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Volkswagen’s international campaign, ‘Think Blue’ makes its way to India. The campaign was launched through a teaser print ad this week and today saw the Times of India bleeding blue, as it were. Thank You, TOI for not making it a half cover.

Volkswagen India explains the Think Blue philosophy:

At Volkswagen, we have set our sights on developing vehicles that are smarter, more fuel efficient and pave the way for a sustainable future. Think Blue is a philosophy that embodies our goal of creating environmentally friendly products and solutions.

Apart from print, there is dedicated website providing everyday energy saving ideas and a carbon footprint calculator.

Interestingly, for projects such as these, mobile is an integral medium in the West (Volkswagen has iPhone and ipad apps for Think Blue). I guess in India we still have to wait for that to happen. And make do with innovations in TOI.

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