Life on iPad: saying a lot in a ‘no copy’ video

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The Apple event on October 22 showcased a lot of new products and videos to go with them. Before Tim Cook introduced the new iPad he played a video which showcased how the device is being used in a variety of situations and by diverse set of people – doctors, musicians, firefighters, tourists, football players, and many more. But it wasn’t just a bunch of different people using the iPad (typical of montage led lifestyle advertising) – the impact was heightened by showcasing how it was used in different situations: at a race track, in a surgery suite, atop a mountain etc. and highlighting the apps thereof. I thought it was a brilliantly put together video – simply because it conveyed so much without a single word being uttered.

Over the past three years, iPad has helped people transform business, education, entertainment, health, and many other fields. We wanted to document those changes. During three weeks in September and October of 2013, we traveled the world to see how people are using iPad.

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