iPad Air ad ‘Your Verse’: from consumption to creation

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Apple aired a new ad for the iPad Air on US television Sunday night. Titled “Your Verse,” features a voiceover by Robin Williams reciting a monolog from the movie ‘Dead Poets Society‘. The ad got a positive response overall from critics (see highlights here) and social media users alike.

Agency: TBWA

There is a beautifully designed web page dedicated to such stories of iPad usage – including one of Bollywood’s Feroz Khan.

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I liked the creative idea and the execution – it captures the aspirational element of the brand very well. But beyond the ad itself I like how it dovetails into the overall strategy Apple has for the iPad. Clearly they are positioning at as a device for creation, not just consumption. The earlier ad for iPad Air too had an ‘epic’ feeling it and the last Keynote session had a video (Life on iPad’) along similar lines as the ‘your verse’ ad. If rumours are to be believed Apple is working on a ‘pro’ version for the enterprise sector. I think such ads from Apple attempt to reinforce the creation aspect of the device and hence the special effort to showcase the extraordinary creative tools and capabilities of the iPad. Of course, as expected,  ‘Android can do all of this and cheaper’ kind of comments have been spotted on tech blogs. But the sheer width and quality of ‘iPad-only’ apps gives a clear edge to Apple. And showcasing such apps is win-win situation for all concerned: end-user, Apple and the developers. They also go a long way in driving the belief that an iPad is not just for slouching and watching videos but a hell a lot more.

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