Blackberry India: love what they are doing

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As an Apple fan, what Blackberry is doing in India in marketing terms, makes me jealous. While Blackberry has pretty much taped up the senior manager market for years now, their latest efforts are guaranteed to attract younger new users and strengthen their position even more. At the heart of it is a great product & pricing strategy:  Rs.15,990 for a Blackberry Curve delivers great value and the 30K plus ones brighten the halo around the brand. The 15k price point is well within reach of junior or entry level managers; it delivers a great mix of features at that price. Static media on the other hand showcase the high end Storm & Curve whose cool quotient rubs off on Curve. The TV commercial is sort of an anthem for the Blackberry brand:

Agency: Orchard

I particularly liked the baseline: ‘Do what you love. Love what you do’. It not only appeals to the work-obsessed, Type-A control freak but would also to those not in a typical 9 to 5 corporate career -creative professionals, entrepreneurs for example. Meanwhile, iPhone 3GS was launched in India, only 7 months after the promised date (rumours of a July launch of iPhone 4G in the US are doing the rounds already). It was launched on the back of a few press releases, an emailer and a strip ad, making it the most pathetic launch of anything anywhere, ever.  The price difference between the high end Blackberry and the iPhone 3GS is only a few thousand rupees. But the former’s marketing efforts make the gap seem wider.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the link; On TV they never show the entire 1 minute Ad

    I do like the international version of the "do what you love" ad as well

    Looks like Apple has released iPhone 3GS for formality sake; Apple still is not interested in India – I have been waiting for iTunes Store from ages

    It was a similar story with Blackberry – only this year see RIM being more aggressive in terms of marketing Blackberry

  2. Haven't spotted these on TV yet, but excellent ads. Strikes a cord with the current generation's aspirations, as you rightly said

  3. I got see the shortened version of this on tv. The part that has the guy dancing on the street with a primitive looking handset and I felt some of the Indian manufacturers have come out with ads that appeal better to the youth.

  4. Hi,

    Nice post! I liked the ad and feel it resonates with the thought of "follow ur bliss" idea..

    But that said, it still lacks conviction or appeal as I guess we have been exposed to such ideas titan( be more campaign); Bacardi(be what u want to be) n such…only the categories differ..making the idea not new or a bit generic

    Also, blackberry I think is still to occupy the aspirational space among the youth.. it still is looked upon as a 'corporate' phone..yet to connect to the youth..lets wait n watch how this ad will do that..

  5. My take on this- in an attempt to get the younger audience the brand will definitely take away the existing audience. Not sure that the working crowd ( read serious ) would want to be associated with a product that is youth centric. I guess the brand is looking at targeting a larger basket and in this case the basket is the younger TG.

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