Snow Leopard arriving in Sept in India

Much excited about the launch of Snow Leopard on Aug 28th, I attempted a pre-order from Amazon, only to be told that they can’t ship it to India. The folks at Apple India customer care and the Reliance iStore in Bangalore didn’t have a clue about the launch date in India. ‘Sometime in September’ is all they are willing to commit.

The upgrade price of $29 (approx Rs.1400) would be magically close to $61 (Rs.3000) I guess, when it lands in India. Apple is not marketing it as a totally new OS, but as a series of ‘refinements’ to OSX. I guess the timing was linked to the Windows 7 launch, allowing for some more pot shots in the Get a Mac series of ads. Of the refinements promised, what I am looking forward to is the built-in Microsoft Exchange support. What’s yours? Or you happy being a PC?

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