Snow Leopard arriving in Sept in India

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Much excited about the launch of Snow Leopard on Aug 28th, I attempted a pre-order from Amazon, only to be told that they can’t ship it to India. The folks at Apple India customer care and the Reliance iStore in Bangalore didn’t have a clue about the launch date in India. ‘Sometime in September’ is all they are willing to commit.

The upgrade price of $29 (approx Rs.1400) would be magically close to $61 (Rs.3000) I guess, when it lands in India. Apple is not marketing it as a totally new OS, but as a series of ‘refinements’ to OSX. I guess the timing was linked to the Windows 7 launch, allowing for some more pot shots in the Get a Mac series of ads. Of the refinements promised, what I am looking forward to is the built-in Microsoft Exchange support. What’s yours? Or you happy being a PC?

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  1. Some updated facts regarding Snow Leopard in India:

    1. It will take 2-3 Weeks for launch (you can pre-book right now) [Source: Apple India Partner Sales, Imagine]
    2. It can be used to upgrade Tiger (10.4), Leopard (10.5) or can be used to cleanly install a new copy.
    3. They have no kind of validation in place, you can actually use on multiple macs.
    4. Apple tech guy says he himself installed and tried it out, implying its already in India, they are only yet to distribute it to retailers.

  2. Recent Mac Buyers (purchases after June 8) can order the Snow Leopard DVD under the Apple Up-to-date program at : . I just did that and paid the $9.99 handling fee, but at the end of the process it asks you send a copy of the purchase invoice to a UK address, which I duly did. Now I’m waiting to see if the promised DVD lands up anytime soon.

  3. I ordered the DVD from the fulfillment website in august and it says my order has been shipped on the 28th of sept, I wonder if anyone has gotten it in India ? i am afraid it might be coming by india post !

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