Snow Leopard, Quicktime X and drool factor

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Most of the computer users in this universe will wonder what the great deal is about. Some new desktop wallpapers of the impending Mac 10.6 Snow Leopard and news of the new Quicktime X icon is out. Similar news about developments on Windows 7 is also out from time to time. But there is a huge difference between these two, at least for me. Even a simple icon for Quicktime reminds me of several things that I have come to love Apple for: eye for detail, drool-worthy looks and an instant connect with the audience.


Just take a close look at the Quicktime icon. Doesn’t it evoke a positive emotion in an instant? Makes you want to find out more? No? Never mind. You are not alone. Most people would see it as trivial to be obsessed about such stuff. Icons? Looks? I think they miss the point.


It is the obsession to obsess over even the smallest things that makes the difference when it comes to Apple-created stuff. When some of the comments on the web reviewing an application say stuff like ‘this application is not Mac worthy’ it may sound smug. Taken out of context it may want you to slap him. But the sentiment behind is this – it should work, work well, work seamlessly and of course, it has got to look good. It is all about making the right impression in that split second. Apple treats every interaction with every part of the computer as a ‘moment of truth’. No wonder even stuff like icons evoke an emotional response.

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