Slow Cow anti-energy drink: riding on a Red Bull

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Add this to the list of ‘when the world zigs, zag’ ideas. Canadian entrepreneur Lino Fleury has created Slow Cow, dubbed as the anti-energy drink. He believes that caffeine-packed drinks like Red Bull increase anxiety and created Slow Cow, an antidote to energy drinks. It contains theanine, chamomile, valerian, passiflora and other ingredients known for their calming effects.


Red Bull, apparently is not amused by the logo. Some of us have an urge to be different and go against the grain. Maybe such business ideas appeal to this niche audience? Some mobile phone users complain about the unnecessary features on their phone. Their stated need is only to make, receive calls and text messages. But the low end phones, which pretty much do that don’t appeal to them in terms of design. A Slow Cow-like appeal is right up their street.

Or maybe they are addressing totally different needs and usage occasions. Though they are not meant to motivate a potential party goer to stay at home and replace his Red Bull with this one, a reference to energy drinks serves to place it in context. Essentially ride on a big brand’s success and reputation and get some good PR.

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  1. Slow cow, has just come to Denmark, its doesnt brand itself as in the U.s and Canada, but still an interresting product 😉

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