Himani Pain Relief – the price of breaking clutter: Rs.18mn?

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Is it clutter breaking? That’s a question often asked to us agency folks. Very often, a celebrity is seen as a tool to break clutter. True to some extent. But the recent phenomenon is to create jaw-droppingly big stuff that forces consumer attention. If it is pulled off well, the reaction from the consumer is positive – you marvel at the idea & execution. The recent Happydent commercial comes to mind.

Ram Madhvani, the director of the Happydent film has again been called in to create a mammoth film (reportedly costing Rs. 1.8 crores for production) this time for Himani Pain Relief from the Emami Group (Agency: Ambience Publicis).


The corporate press release says this about the idea: ‘In this mechanised world no industry can afford a downtime and it’s the same for human beings too. As the machine cannot stop for a moment so is the man behind the machine. Hence, one requires an instant pain relief to keep them running, which only Himani Fast Relief can provide.’ I also heard the Emami spokesperson say on TV that this kind of stuff is needed to break clutter.

Does it convey the proposition of instant pain relief in a distinct, ownable manner? Will it result in market shares? Is all the expense worth it? We will soon find out. These questions aside, the film’s execution is fantastic. It surely has a never-seen-before quality to it. Personally speaking, there is a nice idea in ‘men have become machines’. And there is a fit with Himani offering instant relief for us to carry on like machines. But I am skeptical about its performance in the market place and wonder if it will change the fortunes of the brand. It will make the advertising popular.  The ad will be taled about, will get the YoutTube hits and so on. To quote an abused phrased – will result in mind share. But what good is mind share? Will it bring relief to the brand in terms of sales? I have my doubts. What do you think?

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  1. Half a million dollars for an ad !! (globalization effect- hence the tendency to convert to dollars). Do not see any relation to the brand at all (force fit). This looks like a story apt for Fevicol. May be it was and the mates at Fevicol did not have the money . And lo Emami becomes the bakra! (apt ending).

    Sales not very sure- hope atleast for the guys at Emami it is good otherwise the PAIN would be un bearable. Do not think this ointment would be good enough to erase the PAIN that too quickly !

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