Offer & promo ads: when the effort shows

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Promo ads are often given low priority in advertising – you know, the ones offering a comb free or aproduct bundled with something else. In telecom & FMCG you get them a lot and you can spot such advertising from a mile. They are usually direct and straightforward, the focus being on getting the message across unambiguously without any pretense to engage or move the audience. Fair enough.  Sometimes brands have attempted to weave in the theme message too without losing focus on the offer (remember the Fevikwick ‘Phir chipak gaya oye‘ ad for an offer?) – that’s when the advertising works that much harder. Though, brand managers would perhaps disagree citing that offer ads that are direct and devoid of any ‘cleverness’ (creativity?) do well in the market.

I am digressing. I came across this ‘Merry Txtmas’ campaign for Virgin Mobile, Australia where a simple offer like ‘Unlimited Text Messages’ during Christmas is treated with the as much care as a ‘brand campaign’.

Via: The Newspaper Works, Australia

I guess it’s about individual attitude that makes a difference. There are a bunch for whom no job is too small and attempt to do something different with every job – however ‘small’ it is. It shows in the effort in thinking, planning & executing their ideas. Even if it is for an offer running for the last 5 years. But it takes two to tango, no?

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