When brands make a claim ‘to the throne’

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Motorola is set to announce their tablet device, based on the Android Honeycomb platform at the CES 2011. Their teaser video aimed at building excitement around the launch, disses both the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The iPad is referred to as just a giant iPhone and the Galaxy Tab’s Android version (more suited for phones) is also ridiculed. As comparative ads go, this is typically tongue-in-cheek with barbs aimed at the competitor.

We’ve seen brands making a claim for the No.1 position in a category – be it in cars, finance, telecom – all aimed at enhancing a brand’s credibility or acceptance. Usually these are based on customer surveys or some 3rd party endorsement. But when brands not only promise a superior experience but also position themselves in a far superior league than the current crop of choices, they set expectations high. And given the nature of teasers in advertising, the announcement usually falls short of the hype leading to a sense of disappointment.

Motorola’s attempt to re-position the iPad and others is based only on the fact that it runs on the next version of Android. It doesn’t take into account the mystery behind the huge success of iPad, the robust App Store (meant exclusively for iOS devices) and a huge fan following. However, there is a band of Apple skeptics for whom this will hold appeal. Remains to be seen whether they will also be wowed at the CES, with expectations set high.

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  1. Couple of years back, the market didn't even exist and here we are today with every tech firm, big and small churning out "iPad killers"..

    Have you checked out this "iPad killer" that costs half of what an iPad costs?
    I reckon if there's going to be an "iPad killer" it will be nothing like the iPad. It won't even be a tablet PC. Just like another social networking website won't kill facebook..

  2. well its so true that all thrive for the number one position, making a gaa-gaa of one's product before the launch and the consumer tests and responses is of no point. and not to forget that though the tablets are new for india, the cut neck competition is about to land here. lets see if the product keeps the consumer spirits high as shown in the ad.

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