Android ‘Friends Furever’: strategy builds affinity, creates dissonance

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I have never been a fan of flagship Android phones (especially Samsung) trying to win over iPhone users by showcasing superior list of features and tech specs. Such initiatives primarily make the current users of that brand feel good about their choice. I think they do little to motivate the iOS user to switch over.

In that context, it is interesting to see the second edition of Android’s ‘Be Together. Not the Same’ creative idea. From a strategy perspective I think this stands a better chance of creating dissonance. The possibility of ‘extreme personalisation is a key attraction of the Android platform. For the average user it could be about skins, widgets and other kinds of customisation. Advanced users of Android have anyway thrived on tweaking, rooting and customising many features. In contrast, Apple was painted as rigid, ‘my way or no way’ kind of approach. My view is that both these approaches are right as they cater to different mindsets and hardwired to different business strategies. Apple believes that they have to control every aspect of the customer experience. With iOS 8 there is a lot more customisation possible, but not to the extent Android allows though. And there are takers for both the approaches. Also at one level, everything is identical on iOS is not entirely true – take a look at this. Apple also relies on other hooks to attract customers – the ecosystem and its locking features likes handoff.

The ‘Be Together. Not the Same’ addresses a critical need for an identity among all of us. We all want to showcase, express who we are and the most personal device we carry with us – the smart phone does just that. Such a proposition appeals to both current users (reinforcing their choice) and potential users – creating doubts about them being unable to ‘stand out’.

Agency: Droga5

Works for you? I liked the strategy and creative but for someone who is invested deeply into the Apple ecosystem it stops at ‘nice ad’.

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