Macbook upgrade story: why Apple is loved by fans

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macbookpro.jpgCame across this article at The Unofficial Apple Weblog: one of the bloggers bought a Macbook Pro last week. And this week a new version of Macbook Pro was launched. Instead of whining and cursing his luck, the author went to the Apple Store and spoke to them. They looked at the receipt and asked if he wanted a new one. Simple.

When I took my MacBook Pro to the Apple Store, they immediately looked at my receipt and asked if I wanted a new one. I thought, “This can’t be this easy, can it?” There is a caveat with replacing your old machine with a new model: the Apple Store might charge you a “re-stocking” fee. This is a 10% fee based on the initial purchase price. I questioned them about this and they told me that I would be getting an upgraded product. However, I was able to get my re-stocking fee waived after talking with the manager for a little while.

He goes on: Apple’s policy is that when you purchase a new product from Apple you have 14 days to return the product. With this 14-day policy, Apple also gives you price protection. The author believes that this covers both pricing decreases as well as new products coming out.

Wow! How many companies do this? How many companies leave decision-making of this nature to the Company Store level? My experience has been positive too, despite Apple not having their own Apple Store here.

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  1. May be this is true in US and other markets but not in India. I purchased an ipod shuffle yesterday from the 5th block Jayanagar istore. After reading this post, i just called them up and asked whether they would replace my shuffle with a nano! The answer was a strict NO! may be Apple will have a common policy once they see the demand growing in India too…

  2. I would pay the price of the nano. Obviously not direct replacement without paying anything extra! And they should have obliged as nano is at considerably higher price note than a shuffle!

  3. These are not Apple Stores (owned by Apple). These are Authorized Resellers who have their own pulls & pressures.

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