India: most expensive iPhone market?

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Not surprised with this bit of news. Business Standard reports that the Indian service providers are unlikely to subsidize the cost of the iPhone handset. The new version is likely to be double the price of what it is in the US – the 8GB version is likely to be priced between Rs 16,000 and 18,000, while the 16GB  would cost around Rs 24,000 to Rs 28,000 here.

On the other hand, Guardian reports that in UK the pre-booking demand is so high that the service provider, O2 is already out of stock. Pre-bookings opened at 8am on Monday and the demand was so high that the site crashed within an hour. Music for my years but I am disappointed that this is unlikely to be the case in India.

In contrast, the UK price, bundled with airtime is mouth-watering. Of course, the Indian pricing is all speculative and I am hoping that they are finally lower than what is reported. If it becomes an high end phone, it will remain a niche brand and will not pose any threat to Nokia or Blackberry.


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