Apple India student offer: creating Mac envy

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A majority of PC buyers in India would blindly go for a Windows PC. In metros where Apple has a presence through re-seller outlets, on-ground visibility and print campaigns, the chances of a potential PC buyer swooning over a Mac (mainly thanks to the looks) increases. But the biggest barrier is the price. In several Apple re-seller outlets I have hordes milling around the Macbooks and iMacs, playing around with Photo Booth, iTunes or iPhoto and making a quiet exit soon after. The iPods offer the easiest entry into the Apple world for them.

The Apple re-sellers have been attempting to reduce the barrier by offering student discounts. The Mac to College offer is back – the latest one offered in Bangalore is on till Dec 26th, across all re-sellers.

Apple DNA 2

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Last time I checked, the discount was a handy 12%, so the entry level Macbooks become extremely attractive to students who can afford the Rs.50k range of laptops. The Apple fan in me cringes every time I see the selling point: you can run Windows too, thanks to Boot Camp! But hey, that’s what the market needs here – reassurance of the familiar. So if you are in the market for a laptop, do yourself a favour and head to the nearest Apple re-seller. Nope, not a penny of the sale comes to me.

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