Nokia N97: going beyond just banner space

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Came across a Nokia N97 web banner in Business Standard. Below the main story on the page, ‘Other Stories’ were featured inside a Nokia N97 screen. The stories inside the screen were linked to articles, whereas clicking on the N97 directed you to the widgets page.


Considering the price tag (approx US$ 768), I must say that the concerted effort behind the brand’s promotion is commendable. I have seen signboards for demos, a Search for N contest on the net, a widgets contest on NDTV Gadgets and some TV spots. The investment may not be commensurate with the actual sales figures (?) but all of this goes a long way in strengthening Nokia premium image and fan following in India. Almost like a fortress around ‘brand Nokia’. Is Apple even interested in breaking through this fortress? Doesn’t look it.

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  1. Just saw another innovation on the opening day of Kaminey. The movie opening credits are preceded by an ad on the movie playing capabilities of the device. The closing shot of the ad is … Now Playing… Kaminey, and it fades into the censor certificate of the film.

    Wieden takes the cake once again.

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