Nokia N97: going beyond just banner space


Came across a Nokia N97 web banner in Business Standard. Below the main story on the page, ‘Other Stories’ were featured inside a Nokia N97 screen. The stories inside the screen were linked to articles, whereas clicking on the N97 directed you to the widgets page.


Considering the price tag (approx US$ 768), I must say that the concerted effort behind the brand’s promotion is commendable. I have seen signboards for demos, a Search for N contest on the net, a widgets contest on NDTV Gadgets and some TV spots. The investment may not be commensurate with the actual sales figures (?) but all of this goes a long way in strengthening Nokia premium image and fan following in India. Almost like a fortress around ‘brand Nokia’. Is Apple even interested in breaking through this fortress? Doesn’t look it.


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