27 great print ads that tell a visual story – Part 2

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Typically, posts that list out ‘things’ (20 great fonts, 15 great wallpapers etc.) should be a breeze. But I realized that just as with Part 1, this list of ‘print ads that tell a visual story’ is quite difficult to put together. But it’s a great learning experience just looking at the myriad ways a proposition can be brought alive and the fertile ideas of the creative mind. Hope you enjoy it.

Not all of these may qualify as great or classic but the ability to get across a message through a combination of great visual idea and minimal copy makes them memorable. Which ones were your favourites?

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  1. Thanks, Charles. Have no clue how to embed this. In terms of sharing, I think the option to Digg it, email it, share it via Twitter etc. work? Have not checked them myself.

  2. Very nice execution! But not sure if the ad relates to what Yamaha stands for (Racing).

  3. Love the KitKat ad!
    Thought the other execution for the Wonderbra ad (student reading comics) was better.
    Heinz reminds me of Kurkure ambient idea.

  4. Cool collection of creative ads.

    I didn’t get the Harley ad though. Would you please explain?

  5. Vishal, the Harley is about the kind of reaction a Harley biker gets. Kids get scared and start wailing etc…

  6. Huh, so how does that make it (the Harley) desirable?

    (… assuming that the objective of an ad is to increase desirability, not just serve as an explanatory, ‘aha’ picture.)

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