Tata Sky #DailyDillagi: idea before execution

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I could only manage to get a glimpse of one or two ads of the new Tata Sky ‘Daily Dillagi’ ads on TV. I was intrigued by the ‘to be continued’ format and the penny dropped after hearing the connect with the product idea: daily re-charge. The product itself is an innovation and I liked the creative solution which is hardwired to the product idea. It is common to see ads dazzling viewers with its execution but rare to see an idea-driven ad. I got to see the entire series only online though:

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

The films are beautifully executed and the choice of location is brilliant – adds a lot of charm to the story. My grouse, however is the need for such brilliant ideas to force fit a Twitter component. The campaign had a separate handle (I wonder why) which has few hundred tweets and a few thousand followers. It hosted a hashtag (#ThingsPeopleInLoveDo) driven contest too which generated some participation and obviously, winners. There is a Facebook component too with profile pages of the lead characters, contests etc.

I really don’t see how the hashtag adds value to the campaign or invites creative contributions in large numbers. I thought the strength of the idea is the episodic story telling in line with the ‘daily recharge’ idea. While the films do a great job of it not sure if the social media component was required or required in this of-done avatar. But I do have idea envy – one of the best on television recently.

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  1. They called it wraps before it even set in. Since it started with the IPL series my natural expectation [ bhatnaturally 🙂 ] was that it will run for the course of IPL. The series had a lame ending and I felt that even though they may have planned for the entire series they lost interest somewhere in between and decided to hit the kill switch

  2. Best and Creative Advertisment of 2015 …….To be Continued kind of ads are always good.
    The Second best advertisment of 2015 is Amazon aur dikhao aur dikhao advertisment, even when i went for shopping nowadays i always said aur dikhao aur dikhao that makes sales person angry

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