Fortune Mother Exchange: when creative thinks beyond a TVC

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I loved the new Fortune Mother Exchange idea for two things: (a) it is a creative idea beyond a TVC for the brand and (b) it is bold because while the product (cooking oil) is central to the idea it runs the risk of ‘poor branding’ in the conventional TVC perspective. So what is it?

The Fortune Mother Exchange is an initiative for mothers whose children study in cities away from home. Using this network, such mothers can serve their children fresh home-cooked meals.

A web film tells the story of two such mothers.

Agency: Ogily & Mather (?)

The cuteness quotient goes up because of the choice of of mothers – one from Jodhpur and the other from Chennai. There is some level of ‘acting’ involved I guess but overall the film looks natural and tugs at the heartstrings.

I know this ‘acts, not ads’ is the motto of BBDO but that fits this idea aptly.

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