Seen and noted : Honda Accord

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YouTube – Honda Accord EURO 2008 – TV Australia.

Came across this spot which breaks away from the category codes of car advertising. Even in India, we see automotive spots doing the same thing simply ‘because competition is doing it’ – bike ads must romance the bike, car ads must showcase the car exteriors and interiors and so on. This is not as jaw-droppingly good as the Cog ad, but nice.

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  1. Finally! an ad that very clearly showcases the attributes of the product, getting down to the meat of the matter, without worrying how many seconds screen time the product is getting

    I wonder whether someone in the clients side said ‘ we have to idiot proof this, is this an ad for an airlines ‘

    Still really good to see an ad that actually grabsyour attention long enough to actually wait for the punch line!

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