Seen and noted in 2010

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It’s that time of the year again. A time to reflect on the year gone by and to make lists. Instead of making a list, which sounded too pompous, here’s revisiting some of the ideas that were ‘seen and noted’ by this blog since Jan’10. I have attempted to focus on the ideas and not group them by medium. While I attempt to share my views on most creative ideas I come across through this blog or through Posterous, I may have missed out on several worthy ones (I’ve been infrequent with blog updates since October this year also).

P&G Winter Olympics Sponsorship

Take a fact: the Olympic Games are the most popular sport among American women. Marry it with an insight about mums and their attitude to kids. And you have a campaign that resonates with mums. Be it the ‘Never Walk Alone‘ spot or the ‘Thank You, Mom‘ ones that followed the ads touched a chord. And what I liked about the idea was that it wasn’t limited to merely a claim in a TV spot. P&G took moms of atheletes to the Winter Olympics, took care of their stay, ensured they were taken care of and ‘proved’ that they really meant to thank moms.

Coke Happiness Machine

One of those ‘I wish I had thought of it’ moments.


Liked it for the bold approach in a category which has seen all the permutations & combinations of a regular 30-second commercial, perhaps.

Indian Panga League

Perhaps India’s first web-only campaign. There is hope for digital in India.

Polo Snow Stamp

We love it. So would the client – it costs next to nothing.

King Kong 3D

Awesome ambient idea. Great impact.

Nike – Write the Future

Simply audacious idea and film making. Epic.

Old Spice

What more can I say that’s not already been said?

Volkswagen – make heads turn

Awesome use of media space.

Jet Blue

The new advertising.

Anything else you liked? Do comment in.

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  1. Hello Sir, I have been following your blog for a while now & Im highly indebted to you for all the information you share in such a concise manner.

    After reading this post I was amazed at the amount of campaigns I was unaware of (im guessing a lot of these weren't telecast here). Undoubtedly I have a lot to catch up on 🙂

    I had a small request – It would be really helpful if you could do a similar post on the best+worst Indian tvc's of 2010 (& a separate one on regional(mostly south) ad campaigns).

    Once again Thanks a lot & do keep writing! Regards, Pooja.

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