Is humour an effective route for a serious topic like gun control?

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A brilliant set of ads for Evolve USA, is shortlisted at the Clio Awards 2015. The ads advocate gun control through a simple,thought-provoking proposition: if they find it, they’ll play with it.

Evolve Gun Control



Agency: McCann Erickson

While ads are creative and funny, will they be effective in creating a change in behaviour towards gun possession & usage. Gun control is hotly debated in the US, with ‘access to children’ being a subset of a larger topic. While the proposition urging gun owners to keep the weapon out of reach of children is logical & sane, does the risqué humour-laden execution make it less serious? Stories of how people accidentally killed others are macabre; especially those involving kids. So while ads dramatising access to sex toys and sanitary products may make us chuckle, is it trivialising the matter to the intended target audience – the gun owners? In this context, I prefer the shock treatment meted out to potential gun owners through a stunt. What say?

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