The next killer iPhone application: from Bangalore

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The next killer app for the iPhone could very well come from Bangalore, according to this report. iFlirt, is an application being developed by Bangalore-based Endeavour Software Technologies.

iphone_34.jpgAccording to the article, iFlirt seeks to combine multiple features of the iPhone – the GPS (Geographical Positioning System) to let your friends know where you are and vice versa while chatting (would you really want to do that with ALL your friends?!), share music through a dedicated interface, detect compatible album and song lists. The app will also search for a user who has those Judas Priest lyrics you were looking for and instantly download them to your iPhone. The application is currently under development and is set for a November release in the US.

You may not be able to fake being busy by whispering in a hushed tone,’ I am in a meeting’, if the GPS shows you are in Rex Theatre. There are third party apps that download song lyrics for you into iTunes which are then transferred to your iPod anyway.

Great to see a contribution from Bangalore to the iPhone. In all the hype and criticism of the iPhone, one tends to ignore the catalytic role being played by the App Store. While the iPhone was a multi-functional device like no other in the first place, the Applications being developed by the likes of Endevaour and so many others, is truly changing the way of mobile usage. As Venture Beat called it, sublime beyond belief.


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