CBS-Pepsi Max put video in print ads: the beginning of convergence?

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CBS is planning to promote it’s fall season programmes in some copies of the Entertainment Weekly, by placing a video player in the magazine. Pepsi Max is sharing the cost of this initiative, which will include an ad for the fizzy drink along with 40-minutes of clips from CBS’ shows.

It is obviously not going to be cheap. We may have not reached the levels of commercials in Minority Report yet (thankfully), but this Video in Print ad technology holds promise as it brings together the magic of audio & video to a personal medium with long shelf life. While the idea is good, can’t say the same about the execution though. A 40-minute clip? Not sure if one will have the patience to sit through it. And surely, the creative idea can be a bit more intriguing and involving? This seems to have created more buzz than the effort from Esquire magazine’s 75th Anniversary issue and executives believe that it justifies the high cost. But then do you always need technology to create buzz?

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