Airtel Digital: bitter sweet, but trite

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Everyone I have checked with seems to like the new ad for Airtel Digital TV. The jingle, in particular seems to be popular. Every which way you see it, you know it’s huge stretch – a throwback to Manmohan Desai films with the butterfly locket, a tenuous connection to picture quality…yet, there is something likeable and cho chweet about the ad.

Agency: JWT, Delhi

Not everyone likes it though. As far as the pre-launch hype is concerned (Saif and his long-lost love stories on Bangalore Times), I am not too sure if it added any value to the main commercial. Such teasers, supposedly meant to create some shock value or talking point usually fail to the connect with the main event or launch ad. The connect is usually so stretched that it leaves the viewer disappointed.

On the website, the clarity idea is taken forward with a little quiz on details pertaining to the TVC. If you get the answers right, you can download a video as a prize (I clicked and the video turned out to be that of the ad! Why would I want to download when I have just seen it and answered the questions?). Anyway, with a brief like ‘clear picture quality’ one has seen several executions of ‘life like picture’ for several TV brands. The attempt to be different and weave in a story is commendable.

The campaign seems to have generated some buzz, but what it has done to creating preference for Airtel Digital over other DTH brands remains to be seen. Any gyaan on that or comments on the ad?

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  1. Well, the only place where you notice is when the penny drops, so to speak. When the Dil Titli jingle takes the metaphorical leap. But even for that, you have to look hard.
    And this is sub-rediff work.

    Time has come for these guys to invest in better customer service, for what is already a saturated market. Most share market analysts are seeing these DTH companies in the red for their customer acquisition cost per unit is going up. I know this seems like bizarre information in an advertising framework, but wouldn’t you rather want to sell your product by WoM?

  2. maha BAKWAAS add….
    guess ppl deez days think ki Celebrity sign kar lo…public usi say identify kar laygi brand…n who better than saif-kareena to fool arnd…
    just thinkin hw they got the company to agree to it …saara paisa paani main ..hehehe

    • i think the main concept is very ordinary.but the jingle is really very nice and the lyrics are completely accurate for the flurty boy.dil titli sa.but can anyone tell me that who is the singer ov this jingle.

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