iPad’s homework ad, #VeryBadPic and more: top creative ads of the week

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Every day we come across hundreds of commercial messages. Only a handful are memorable. Here are a few top creative ads which caught my eye, the week ending 30th April, 2018: iPad’s ‘Homework’ ad, a TV spot for accounting firm Grant Thornton and more.

1. iPad: Homework

Education is a lucrative market for computer brands in the US. Apple has had a strong play with the use of traditional Macs and then the iPads. The company has been challenged strongly by Google with its Chromebook offering. Recently, Apple held a special Keynote session focusing on the education market and the event saw the launch of a 9.7-inch iPad with support for Apple Pencil. The role of the iPad in doing school homework is wonderfully captured in this ad. I particularly liked the fact that they left the final product – the homework done by kids, a mystery and did not show it. As always, the ad focuses on the benefits which the gadget’s features provide.

2. Grant Thornton: caddie

One would expect the world of consulting firms to be filled with jargon. Grant Thornton – an audit, tax and advisory firm says ‘jargon gets in the way’ and so they are ‘straightforward and understandable’ unlike the protagonist in this ad.

Agency: gyro

3. Transavia Airlines: #VeryBadPic

At first glance, this seemed like clever print ads to convey that they offer affordable tickets. A low-cost airline ran print ads with badly taken pictures tied together with the proposition: ‘go back and take your picture again’.

But instead of simply letting it be a campaign claim, they actually sponsored tickets to destinations asking people to upload ‘badly taken pictures’ on to Instagram.


4. Vivo V9: Bokeh mode

Celebrity endorsements are common in the mobile handset category in India. Micromax used Hugh Jackman for an image makeover a few years ago. Indian movie stars too have been used by many brands. In most cases it made for laborious viewing with the storyline, if any, being low on credibility. In this context comes this refreshing ad for Vivo V9 – one may still not believe that Amir Khan is likely to use it personally but it does a good job of dramatising the benefits of the product features.

5. Amazon Echo: Just Ask

Even though these ads are about two weeks old, I included them in this week’s compilation as they did a good job of conveying the use case of a voice-assistant in India, with a tinge of humour.

Which one was your favourite? Any recent creative idea which caught your eye? Do comment in.

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