Happydent: is it making a wave?

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My friends and colleagues seem to have a polarized opinion on the new ad for Happydent Wave – some of them love it; some, like the comments over at ad blogs have been critical of it. I guess I fall in the latter group. Let me revise that. I am neither overwhelmed nor underwhelmed – just whelmed.

Happydent ‘Elephant’ from Campaign India on Vimeo.

I thought the idea the idea of linking the juice-filled centre to a wave which elephants trample on was great. ‘Nadi ka tukda hai’ is quite a leap. It also allows for scale and some jaw-dropping visuals. Mega brand established and attention got. But the ‘glowing teeth’ idea is a different one altogether. And I didn’t find the jingle as endearing as the Palace ad. one, which was goose-flesh stuff. Getting a sequel better than the Palace one would be difficult in any case. Nevertheless, the attempt to dramatize the benefit in a impulse-driven category to aid memorability is commendable.

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