Seen and noted: ITV1’s Married Single Other

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They say advertising copywriting is like striking up a conversation with someone you don’t know. While the account management & planning team do their best in painting a word picture of the target audience, you know that the copywriter has got into the skin of the target audience when the ad resonates – when it speaks the language of the consumer and makes her go, ‘I could be the one in that ad’.

When I saw these set of ads for ITV1‘s TV drama called, ‘Married Single Other‘ over at the website of BBH, it was as if the lines were written for or spoken by people I know.

Just right for those with an ‘its complicated’ status on Facebook’s relationship query. Loved it.

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  1. Love them. LOL..So so true!..Thank you so much for the post.. i will have to start following the show now..:)

  2. Ha, it was real funny, must say..Guess it captures what Scorates said long back in a different way: you can either be married or stay happy!
    ya, but am looking forward to the show..Nice post!

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