Bajaj Genie is not for ‘common type’ mindsets

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Quite liked the new Bajaj XCD ad on first view. It hopes to position other bikes as ordinary and draws parallels with the ‘common type’ wishes most Indian middle class bike owners would go for.

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Mumbai, India
Production House: Corcoise Films
Director: Prashant Issar

But will it unwittingly work against the set objective? By saying that most of us choose the staid, regular stuff when the sexy option is available, is it talking down to the consumers? Would a potential consumer see the XCD as an object of desire or something knocking his values?

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  1. I can’t understand the dialogue but it’s not hugely difficult to work out. OK. For me it’s got some nice points. Production is good. Probably makes it implicit that the product is not as expensive as others (luxury house scenario?)

    But in principle it’s saying the product is both non aspirational and aspirational.

    Which is a conflict.

    I think ideas like durability, replaceable inexpensive parts, running costs, birth of a new and progressive India would be interesting if relevant.

    The guy comes across as a bit dim in the beginning and savvier at the end. Which can be read negatively or as a minute long odyssey. It’s tough in any case as the real brief is to intellectually stretch the customer. Make them realise what they didn’t before and I don’t think a Genie feels like a fresh way of conveying that. Of course it’s always easy to criticize but it would be interesting if Bajaj XCD sales were given to us a year down the line. Something we just don’t do enough of in this business.

  2. Also how does this tie into Bajaj XCD 135 Twisted Sisters’ as a brand. I don’t see what the brand stands for apart from fantasy so far.

  3. Charles, perhaps the ad sends conflicting messages. While dissing the ‘ordinary’ (dull & boring) choices the common man makes, they show him satisfied with his current choice (an ordinary bike). If the message is ‘not for ordinary folks’ will sting them enough to consider the Bajaj XCD?

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