Barclays ad makes your money ‘perform’

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I love it when there is a literal visual depiction of common phrases or idioms in creative ideas. You know, like this one for ‘Smooth as silk‘ or this one for ‘Wolf in sheep’s clothing‘. A new Barclays ad in UK does just that. It asks, ‘want your money to perform better?’ and goes on to depict money doing just that.

Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty

The attempt is to highlight Barclays tax-free products, which make your money (presumably lying idly in a savings account), to ‘perform’ better. The idea could have become silly but the deadpan voice over (by Stephen Merchant, co-writer of The Office) makes it funny and the detail-free execution makes it memorable. This may not be as mega in scale as water-slide and roller-coaster, yet quite memorable.

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