Lurpak’s Saturday is Breafast Day: delicious stuff

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A new campaign from Wieden + Kennedy, London created for Lurpak, the dairy brand is urging consumers to devote Saturday mornings for a leisurely breakfast.

According to the PR blurbs, the media and creative strategy have been woven together: media has been bought only on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday mornings – in antipation of the Saturday breakfast to come.

Campaigns that urge the consumer to ‘change or modify a habit’ have their share of detractors. The worries include that it stops at selling the generic benefits of a category or that such efforts don’t show results immediately. The branded honey market in India has witnessed this of late – at least 2 leading brands are urging consumers to replace sugar with honey. There are jam brands urging you to use jam on food beyond bread and into rotis, dosas and so on.

What I liked about the Lurpak effort was that it wove the brand cleverly into ‘good food deserves the best’ thought, instead of simply saying have loads of Lurpak stuff on Saturday. And as habits go, everyone would agree that a hurried breakfast is part of the work week – almost a functional, on-the-go breakfast. And people do look forward to the weekend – and this kind of message sits in perfectly there.

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