#BusterTheBoxer, @paytm and more: creative ideas of the week

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Between bookmarked sites, Twitter and RSS feeds which showcase advertising, I come across many new creative ideas every week. As with advertising in real life, only a handful are memorable. Here are my picks for the week ending 11th November, 2016: John Lewis, Paytm and more.

1. John Lewis: Buster the Boxer

The marketing & advertising industry across the world look forward to Christmas adverts from big brand UK retailers every year, for the last few years. Many of them have gone on to become internet sensations over the years. The hallmark of such films has been great storytelling which tugs at the heartstrings. Aside from the anchor long-format film (which garners millions of views on YouTube) the campaigns take an integrated approach now with the campaign theme extended to in-store promotions, merchandise, apps and other initiatives which extend the experience. John Lewis’ work has been the most celebrated thanks to its consistent work from 2012 to now: The Other Half, Bear and the Hare, Monty the Penguin and last year’s ‘Man on the moon‘. This year the film tells the story of a little girl who gets a trampoline as a gift only to have some unexpected guests (including her dog Buster) use it.

Agency: adam&eveDDB

The integrated campaign involved:

  • a teaser campaign on Twitter with a #BounceBounce hashtag to give a preview of the ad
  • a Virtual Reality experience at the flagship store in Oxford Street

Agency: MPC Creative

As with Monty the Penguin and Man on the Moon, the campaign idea has a direct link to store visits, sale of merchandise and a do-good component. It also ticks off the various digital boxes without simply paying lip service to them – as the central idea makes best use of the platform. 

2. Paytm: Paytm Karo

In 2015, I wrote that Paytm has a good chance of encouraging people to use the brand name as a verb.  The recent demonetisation programme of the Indian government has given a fillip to brands like Paytm (and others in that category) with chances of their usage increasing. The brand’s marketing & advertising team has created a TV spot in double quick time, cashing in (pardon the pun) on the situation. This particular ad is a zinger as it captures what we have witnessed in social media – the privileged lot showing ‘concern’ for the ‘less privileged’ like house helps, carpenters and drivers. I liked the acting and dialogue delivery – especially the point where the protagonist lowers her voice to refer to people like her house maid. I thought it captured the fake concern and condescension beautifully.

UPDATE: It appears that the ad has been removed from YouTube by the brand. Apparently, a few people deleted the app after the seeing the ad, as it offended them and complained on Twitter. Here’s another ad from the same series. The reference to ‘batti late jalti hai‘ was tongue in cheek.

Agency: McCann, Delhi

Kudos to the team for such a quick turnaround. And to have the client in chief publicly acknowledge the effort is commendable.

3. Volkswagen Tiguan: cinema advert

This ad for Volkswagen Tiguan highlights the Hands Free Boot Opening feature of the car. What I liked about it (aside from being rooted on the product) is the context: cinemas.

Agency: adam&eveDDB

4. Volkswagen: #YourVW Campaign

According to the agency, ‘this social campaign celebrates Britons’ love for, and memories of, the German brand and its cars. The films tell the story of Barry and his emotional history with the Volkswagen Beetle‘.

Agency: adam&eveDDB

Which one was your favourite? Comment in.

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