Seen and noted: Evian Baby Inside

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Evian’s ‘Live Young’ platform may have been made famous by the roller babies ad, but the tag line has been around for some time now. The one I remember seeing first with the Live Young proposition was this one where adults hum the ‘We will rock you’ song, with the voice being that of a little kid. It was followed by this Cannes winner, Water Boy.

They now have a clever print execution of the Live Young platform. According to The Inspiration Room, 8 portraits by fashion photographer Nathaniel Goldberg show adults wearing t-shirts with the screen printed image of a baby’s body, giving the impression of what they looked like as babies.

Agency: BETC Euro RSCG Paris.

Given the execution of the idea in television medium, one would have thought an expression in static media would be difficult to conceive. Liked the simplicity of the print execution of a seemingly complex idea.

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