The beauty of creative expressions

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Just when you thought all possible creative renditions of an idea have been exhausted, you come across a rendition which is fresh and different. Anti-ageing as a benefit has been rendered in myriad ways – from being recognized as some one younger to evoking jealous comments from your peers. Ditto with cars fitted with rear view cameras – one has seen several interesting renditions (‘it’s like having a steering wheel at the back too’) of that promise.

Came across these ads recently which makes you applaud the creative mind – one which presents a familiar argument in a fresh perspective. The first one is for Belesana – an antiage center and the other for Ford Edge’s rear view camera function.

Agency: Grey, Argentina. Via

Agency: JWT, Mexico

Closer home, the ‘the unbreakable bond’ of Fevicol has seen some interesting creative expressions over the years – the egg, bus passengers, moustache and the recent cycle wallah. I guess there can never be a case of exhausting all possible creative expressions of an idea. Any other example of a proposition or brand whose creative expressions have been varied?

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