Steve Jobs takes medical leave: whose brand is it anyway?

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The tech world and the digital space is abuzz with Steve Jobs’ announcement to take medical leave until June this year. The focus is on whether Steve & Apple have been completely transparent with investors regarding his health and the future of the company and the brand.


For many (read, the ‘stock market’?), Steve Jobs is Apple. But as many reports have pointed out, ‘Apple can take care of Apple’. This is not say that Steve won’t be missed – of course he will be. But doomsday predictions are a bit far fetched because Steve has fanned a culture within the company that will remain alive even if he is not around personally. Whether it was Jack Welch at GE or A.G. Lafley at P&G, while they had a huge impact on the company because of their skill & personality, the very essence of their leadership was to ensure that the brands carry on in the right direction, irrespective of who is at the helm. As is the case with Apple, there’s far too much media attention, wailing (or rejoicing – some imbeciles actually post stuff rejoicing over this news) and speculation. Which other celebrity CEO of a company gets this much attention over his health and related company prospects? Not surprising actually, given the buzz around product development news. Before every Macworld or Apple event, there’s so much written about what will be launched, the event is then over analyzed, and the products dissected. That’s the price of success and setting exactingly high standards.

As for me, I am just praying for Steve’s good health and hope he is back in action by June, right in time for the WWDC. Hey, maybe he is just plotting his next ‘one more thing’ while being away.

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