USB stick for Mac from Vodafone India

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It’s here – a USB modem stick that says up front that it is compatible with a Mac. Vodafone has just launched its USB stick, with the claim that its is the first such device for Mac users. I had come upon this in the Vodafone’s UK site and was hoping it would soon come to India.

I had bought a Tata Indicom Plug2Surf some time back. Not surprisingly, it had no help features for Mac users. I did some usual digging on the Net and figured how to configure it for a Mac. I was dying to call the Indicom service centre and ask them for help – was 100% sure that they wouldn’t have a clue. BTW the speeds on the Indicom modem is so slow the net is a worldwidewait – useful only in extreme situations, just to check mail. I hope the Vodafone USB stick offers better speeds.

UPDATE 1: I came to know of the USB stick when I saw a poster outside a Vodafone store this morning. But what drove me to the website was Vodafone’s contextual ad in my blog (on an earlier post). Cool, eh? Perhaps the one instant when a contextual was well…contextual.



UPDATE 2: I had filled in the enquiry form on the Vodafone website. I was pleasantly surprised to get a call from them within 30 minutes. Awesome! While the call directed me to a Vodafone store, I was quite impressed with the prompt service.



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